Lee, Hyun Jae

I'm South Korean. I love taking photos and now I became one of "The Dong-A Daily News Photo Society" members that is the most famous daily news company in Korea. Sometimes I earn a little money by taking photos as a side job but I am still just an amature photographer. Actually I don't want to be a professional photographer because I feel more free when I am an amature. Usually, I like to work with range finder 35mm film camera and approach closer to people & social phenomenons. This means that I want to take pictures of more closer reality in the world. Open your eyes and then look at my photos. you can see a part of the world.


  • Recieving a prize at "2th Korea National Craft Photo Contest, 2007"
  • Recieving a Bronze medal at "42th Korea the Dong-A Daily News International Photo Contest, 2008"
  • Recieving a prize at "17th Korea the Busan Daily News Photo Contest, 2009"

Main Equipments

  • Leica MP Hammertone Grey LHSA 35th Anniversary Special Edition with VIT
  • Leica M Typ240 Silver Chrome Finish
  • Leica Super Elmar M 21mm F3.4 ASPH Black Chrome Finish
  • Leica Summicron M 35mm F2.0 ASPH Hammertone Grey LHSA 35th Anniversary Special Edition Silver Satin Finish
  • Leica Summlux M 50mm F1.4 ASPH Silver Chrome Finish
I have used two Leica range finder cameras which one is Leica MP for Films and another is Leica M Typ240 for Digital. But I usually take pictures with Leica MP and fixed focal length lens for 135 Color and B/W film images. The Leica always have made best pictures and offered many more chance to get a moment of the world to me. So I love them. I just hope that many film companies for my Leica don't stop production.