Winning at 42th Korea the Dong-A Daily News International Photo Contest

The Dong-A Daily New Photo Society is one of the most influential photo group with leading professional photographer in Korea. They also host the Dong-A Daily News International Photo Contest being highly acclaimed as one of the most authoritative International Photo Contest in the past 42 years.

I was awarded a Bronze medal in the department of color single competition from such Dong-A Daily News Photo International Contest with photo taken in Cambodia at last July. I am sorry for India & Norway photographer won awards a Gold medal in color competition and in B/W competition but personally it seems that the joy is doubled because now I could think that I got a little fruition in my photo life regardless of kind of prize.

Especially, I got requirements for membership of “The Dong-A Daily New Photo Society” with this prize and so I have extraordinary expectation because I think that I got opportunity to approach to more closer this belief as one of “The Dong-A Daily News Photo Society” member having same thought as my firm belief for what essence of photography is.

Anticipating more active photography life than before, I want to thank to again “The Dong-A Daily News Photo Society” giving good result to me.

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