Kentmere 100

These days, I carring out mainly Black and White films instead of color positive. (Actually I felt so burdened because the price of color positive films is too much.) Usually I have used Kodak 100ft bulk B&W film for high price then from several month ago I have tried RPX100 of Rollei  for somebody to say to me that quality get better before.

But You get what you pay for!!!

I think that from the first, RPX100/400 have many quality problems from production regardless of development of film. Espcially, black vertical line appeared in front of film in every 3 or 4 roll.

Some dealers told me that RPX100/400 have a lot of quallity issue and they does not import that film anymore. So now they import Kentmere series from U.K. to target middle-low price of B/W market instead of RPX series.

It looks dignified even thought it’s middle-low price, but I can’t say whether that development resut is good or not yet because almost laboratary do not have development data for Kentmere. Even though I could not develop that with accurate development data, at least it seems to have neater grain than RPX series and the emulsion do not have any problem.

I’ll try to work with Kentmere series for a while.

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