Lim, Eung Sik – Art Of History, History Of Art

After I heard a late news that an exhibition opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mr. Eung-Sik Lim’s birth(林應植, 1912. 11. 11 ~ 2001. 1. 18) who accomplished the modernization of Korea Photo world, I moved step to the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Deoksugung Palace near Seoul city hall.

In exhibition that consist of 4 subject, subjects to captivate my eyes at the entrance are photos caught 1950s of  turbulence making a beginning of  “history of art”, “photo art” in mainly salon photo trend and records of Myeong-dong in Seoul for him to stop by with his camera every day.

As he told on his memoirs, his war time photos and realism photos are to like rebelling against art photo trend in its day. His concept about photography found at that days was the great revolution and this concept influenced to taking figure of Myeong-dong that is a microcosm  of Korea social change worked until he died in 2001.

Especially, in the last section, Mr.Lim and his photo archive, I could not help respecting a robust look about photo as he had furious activity even over 80 years old as much as his works that he make the modern photo of Korea into photo arts.

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