An exhibition like treasure – United International Press Photo Exhibition

I found an exhibition like treasure while going by Seoul Train Station in Korea. I could not have imagined that old one was change into artistic place ,the name of “Culture Station Seoul 284” because I could not go inside old Seoul Train Station since new Seoul Train Station was built.

This International Press Photo Exhibition that Yonhap News Agency gathered  the world press photo of photojournalists and gave the prize to them and exhibit them is the exhibition to promote the purposes of The United Nations Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) and participate The United Nations’ efforts to anti-poverty and cope with climate change. Main prize-winning photos and the others to correspond to eight main goals(anti-poverty and fighting hunger, complete prevalence of primary education, promoting gender equality and extension of women´s rights, reduction of infant mortality, improve pregnent woman’s health, fighting against HIV / Malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, improve a global partnership for development)  are displayed.

The works consisting of eight subject along the unique path had the power of space and veracity as much as to call attention about confront subject on global village. We would have gratitude about people, the environment, the place which we live now and are surprised at the fact that be able to see such the high level works without admission after seeing these photos.  At least, it was one of the most impressive exhibition in this year. In particular, if you are interested in documents and photo jounalism, I want to highly recommend this exhibition.

wordpressphoto11_2Unlike other exhibition, something came into my eyes in front of exit after watching the exhibition. That is a donation box. When I came up to it to donate, a work book took a fancy. There are two types work book, one is a small work book include about 100 photos in exhibition and more several photos. And the other is a large one include about 300 photos. Finally I decided to buy a large one without hesitation because the quality of that was nice and I heard from a curator that all cost of sales was  used for donation.

The words in work book catch my eyes.

“Share the moment, Share the future”


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